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The smart solution to smartphones.

Many of us are addicted to our smartphone. Although we often acknowledge the problem, we don’t seem to act. Can’t we just put away our phones when we have to work, study, go to a restaurant, watch a movie, have a coffee, read a book, watch a game or have family time? We wish it was easy, but there’s always an excuse. Let’s face it: we all get too distracted. DistractaGone offers a simple solution for you and for those around you. Find some peace and focus with DistractaGone. Can’t wait for DistractaGone or you want more information? Subscribe to our newsletter.


What our customers say

“I hated that I’d go for drinks with my friends and they’d constantly be on their phones. Now we get to have a proper conversation without the interruption.”

Michael Binning

“I bought it for a friend of mine and I am happy to say she uses it regularly”

Bart Van Der Laar

“The best thing about it is that you really can’t access your phone.”

Rose Steringer

“It gives me space to think at work or at home when I need to.”

Juan David Marulanda Ruiz

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